Many people today are beginning to understand the potential of Social Media as a Marketing tool for their businesses. So, more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon and plugging their products and services on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and various other Social Media.


But most people don’t know how to properly use Social Media. We say properly because if you don’t use it correctly, you won’t get the results you want, and worse than that, you could be counterproductive, turning people off instead of attracting them and eventually making a sale.


The key to using Social Media properly is to first get people to know, like, and trust you BEFORE talking about your business. The most important element is TRUST.  You’ve probably heard about Word of Mouth marketing. What you may not know, though, is that word of mouth is consistently ranked among the most trusted forms of information. Social Media is all about Word of Mouth marketing and is therefore, all about TRUST.


The goal, then, is to learn how to gain the trust of your followers, friends, and fans. Below are a few points to help you get started:


1)    Make a good first impression. Make sure you have the right kind of photo. Statistics show that a warm and inviting smile gets 63% more people to follow you.


2)    Give people the chance to get to know the real you. Don’t just talk about your business. Talk about things that show you care about others. Share things that are helpful. Use humor.


3)    Be conversational. The magic of Social Media is that it is a relaxed forum where people can have natural conversations. Conversation is always better than presentation. Conversation can lead to people asking you about your business instead of you telling them.


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